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About brand

Welcome to the digital world of PRIM watches. It is a great pleasure for us to introduce to you our world of watchmaking and everything involved. The history of PRIM watches can be traced back in Liberec to 1946. Serial production began in 1957, however, and the official sales were launched on 1 April 1958. We are committed to the spirit of pioneering, innovation and the aesthetics of Czechoslovak watchmakers who first established the PRIM name. We have been pursuing this commitment for 16 years, and producing wrist watches that meet the demands and technologies of today.


The success in reviving the long-forgotten PRIM brand has been founded on long-lasting collaboration with retailers who have confidence in our brand and been able to communicate this message directly to customers, thereby exciting the demand for top-quality mechanical watches at affordable prices. The increasingly discriminating desires and diversity of our customers is a strong impulse towards our further research and development.

The PRIM watches we manufacture are constantly tested and improved, which is why they lead the way in the industry. Our customers include distinguished celebrities, athletes and important figures, but above all you – our customers, who appreciate the everyday qualities of PRIM watches. Our designers and watchmakers, based at company headquarters, regularly create new collections and apply the latest technology and materials.

PRIM watches are reputable watches made with love, tradition and experience. For the new millennium, we gave PRIM watches a new heart wrapped up in a modern appearance and so renewed what had been forgotten after the fall of socialism.  Their classic and timeless look has become synonymous with simple elegance. The appeal of Czech PRIM watches lies in their sophisticated look, one which perfectly complements both formal and casual outfits. PRIM watches are unique models – owning any of these highly original pieces will make you stand out effortlessly from the crowd.


We also produce watches for the world-famous company Preciosa and promote not only the Czech glassmaking, but also the tradition and quality of watchmaking under the PRIM brand, combined with our original designs. We utilize the capacity of a strong company with 25 years of experience in the field of watchmaking, we are the only ones in the wrist watch sector to hold the CZECH MADE certificate, and we regularly certify new PRIM models every year.


Our company builds on a 25-year tradition and experience in watchmaking, so we are able to manufacture watches that can comfortably compare with the best manufacturers of modern watches. Our partners include the world’s largest watchmakers, companies that use state-of-the-art and the highest precision technology to manufacture watch movements (from countries like Japan, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China).

PRIM watches are manufactured and designed directly at the headquarters of our company. We both create our own watch parts and also cooperate with our global partners, who we know deliver the most sophisticated and state-of-the-art, technologically demanding components in the highest possible quality. We create watches that accentuate the personality of their owner and are made of high-quality materials at an affordable price.

Beginnings of watchmaking

The beginnings of industrial wrist watch production date back to 1946, when the company Chronotechna was established in Liberec. Two years later was established the Chronotechna National Enterprise, based in Šternberk. A plan for the production of wrist watches was quickly prepared for 1948, however, it took another 50 years to put it into practice. In 1954, the first five prototype watches were produced, based on the French movement LIP R 25. It had 15 ruby jewels, anchor escapement and self-compensating string. Serial production began in 1957.

By that time, Chronotechna had given the name PRIM to alarm clocks and wall clocks, and only then did it begin to be also used for wrist watches at the company branch in Nové Město. With gradual computerization, quartz movements for Chronotechna also started to be developed and manufactured in the plant TESLA Rožnov.


Over the years, experts devoted considerable time to testing and checking. Their efforts resulted in watches that were accurate, reliable and durable. As in the past, today, all our watches go through daily testing. Nonetheless, the quality of our products is primarily attested by customers who confirm their satisfaction by wearing PRIM watches as they go about their daily business. Keeping our customers contented continues to motivate us, forcing our watchmakers to improve their performance as well as the design and durability of our products.


In 1989, the Chronotechna National Enterprise was privatized. After the Velvet Revolution, however, changes took place and the brand image began to deteriorate. Manufacturing at the plant in Nové Město nad Metují was forced to end in 1994 and only the assembly of movements from stocked parts continued until, finally, the once famous brand PRIM was forgotten on the Czech market. The individual Chronotechna (Elton) facilities, which had failed to deal with inefficient socialist production and distribution, were pillaged and eventually went bankrupt. Production of Chronotechna’s own clock movements was thus terminated in the mid-1990s for economic and technical reasons, and PRIM watches had to use foreign movements.

In 2001, thanks to MPM-Quality, who bought the brand and all associated rights to PRIM from Chronotechna, the brand returned not only to the Czech market, but also to the EU, the USA and Asia.


In 2001, our company, which had been producing and distributing watches since the 1990s, therefore bought the PRIM trademarks from Chronotechna (Eutech). We thereby restored this traditional brand of Czech clock products. Over the intervening years, the nearly forgotten name PRIM has slowly returned to life.

In the following year we immediately returned to the Slovak and Polish markets, and more gradually to other European markets. Today, we have branches in all the countries of the Visegrád Group and partners in many countries of Europe and around the world. As was the case for many years in the past, the PRIM brand produces affordable and top-quality watches for casual wear, social occasions and sports.